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CAMP Stonewall - Taylor Square Sydney 2010

CAMP Stonewall was a public artwork commemorating the 40th anniversary of CAMP gay activism in Australia.
Sydney's LGBT community was invited to inscribe a tile with what it was like to come out and be proudly gay.

The installation was the last in a series of artworks to be installed at Taylor Square as part of the Taylor Square Plinth Project.
Camp Stonewall covered the historic brick toilet in the square, which was once a well-known cruising spot.
On Oxford Street close to the site for the installation people were invited to paint tiles for the wall answering the questions
'What was it like for you to come out?' or 'What do gay rights mean to you?'
To see a slideshow with some of the tiles visit the same same website

The following text is taken from the City of Sydney Art website

Artist Annie Kennedy has synthesised local stories and history to celebrate the achievements of the gay rights movement and the courageous people who campaigned for change.
Juxtaposed with the historic former Men's Convenience, where men met secretly and out of sight, this artwork recognises homosexuality is now in full view and well integrated into our local community.
The artwork is a monument, both in its physical presence and in what it contains within its walls - the recorded history of gay rights. It celebrates the achievement of gay activists and the profound changes they have brought about over the past 40 years.

2010 commemorates the 40th anniversary of the beginnings of CAMP - the Campaign Against Moral Persecution, Australia's first openly homosexual organisation.
The lamp post installed on the men's urinal plinth reinterprets the original post from the early 1900s, which carried street signage and illuminated the square. Working with leading gay and lesbian activists from the 1970s and the local community, artist Annie Kennedy has created a resonant and powerful installation exploring the broader struggle for gay rights mixed with personal "coming out" stories written by members of the local gay and lesbian community.

Annie, along with the City of Sydney, would like to thank those men and women who were at the beginning of gay activism in Australia and whose voices contributed to the oral history of the CAMP organisation.
Their intelligence, courage and insights are inspirational. They are: David Abello, Peter Bonsall-Boone, Vera Bourne, Ken Davis, Peter de Waal, Michael Kirby, Robyn Plaister, Ivy Richter, Pam Stein, Lynn Thomas, Peter Trebilco, David Urquhart, Lex Watson, Sue Wills, Garry Wotherspoon.

The contemporary gay and lesbian community of Sydney have generously shared their experiences by writing on the tiles that make this artwork. Their stories have been an invaluable contribution to completing this historical narrative that gives a glimpse of what it means to be gay in Australia.

The artist would also like to thank her assistant on the project, Eleni Antoniou Holloway, whose good humour and hard work was invaluable, Dawn Rose who assisted in crafting the audio and Colin Scope for his skill in creating the lamp post.

If you would like to add your story visit CAMP STONEWALL on Facebook.